Leverage the Strength of Association
Leverage the collective strength of association to protect, promote and grow your paperboard packaging business. Join the Paperboard Packaging Council to reap the benefits of membership
Packaging for a Sustainable Future
As a society, we are obligated to create a sustainable world for generations to come. We realize that vision by using biodegradable, renewable paperboard packaging.
Benchmark for Success
The Paperboard Packaging Council provides members with comprehensive industry benchmarking reports and industry forecasts in operations, safety, finance, and compensation so that members may assess the overall health of their company and make informed business decisions.
Inspire Future Generations
The Paperboard Packaging Council's TICCIT Program educates the younger generation and the public on the renewability and recyclability of paper-based packaging as well as the positive environmental impact of planting trees.
Build Valuable Relationships
The Paperboard Packaging Council offers members topical information and exclusive networking opportunities through workshops, forums, and conferences, where they can gain insight from industry professionals and build valuable relationships with your peers.
Recognize Innovative, Ecological Packaging
The Paperboard Packaging Council inspires and recognizes innovative, sustainable packaging design through the acclaimed annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition.

For more than 80 years, PPC has provided member suppliers and converters of paperboard packaging the tools they need to grow and thrive. Here's our story.

When we use renewable, recyclable paperboard, we promote a sustainable world for future generations. Learn more about paperboard--the planet's choice for packaging.

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