Industry Benchmarking Reports

Download samples of each report by clicking on the cover. Contact Bill Bloom to learn more.


Market Flash Report
Use data to help prepare your company for market threats and opportunities—before they even emerge. The Market Flash Report provides a monthly snapshot of industry activity, including data for shipments, raw materials, WIP, and finished goods. 




Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Report
The OEE report helps you monitor and maintain the availability, performance throughput, and quality of your printing presses and diecutters. Use it to pinpoint trouble spots and make key adjustments, or to guide your decisions about reinvestment. 



Safety Boxscore Report
This report measures your plant’s safety record relative to similarly sized converters, and provides a breakdown of specific injuries and problem areas. Use it to identify hazards and implement policies that promote your staff’s well-being and productivity. By participating, your company will also be eligible for special safety milestone achievement awards. 




CompLite Report
This report lets you compare your company’s wages against converters in your region so you can offer competitive compensation packages that attract high-performing employees.  




Performance Report for Management
Compare your financial performance ratios to the  average, median, high, and low of other converters. Harness this report to dig deep into your financial performance, identify issues at the granular level, and implement change for future growth.         



This report looks at diecutting machines and printing presses run, make-ready, and downtime hours as a ratio of total crew machine hours. The data is the sum of YTD hours and comes directly from the OEE reporting.


IT/ERP Report
Providing insight into preferred IT packages and solutions, this report assesses the business and customer management software (ERP and CRM), payroll processing, disaster recovery programs, and other IT solutions. Results are based on the number of facilities, end users, and business models utilized.

Total Cost Model Report
By allowing you to compare your line item cost for the components in a standard bid process with those of other survey participants, the Total Cost Model helps you to pinpoint and understand your competitive advantages and weaknesses so you can optimize your cost structure and run your business more effectively. 



Waste Survey Report
Compare the percentage of paperboard waste at your plant to the mean percentage of other participants by end-use and order size. This way, you can pinpoint opportunities for reducing waste from the moment the board enters your facility.




Rigid Box Machine Rate/Cost Report
The report is part of an ongoing effort to grow the already rich resources available to rigid box members, and is designed to help determine how an individual rigid box manufacturer compares to the group in terms of machine hour rates, stock board inventories, waste generation, and make-ready times.


"Benchmark reporting at PPC has evolved over the years into valued tools for your business. Be sure to gain membership status to not miss this data. It has helped our business and will help yours, too."
—Bill Bloom, Director Business Intelligence,

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