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As the leading trade association serving suppliers and converters of all forms of paperboard packaging, the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) gives you the opportunity to leverage the collective strength of association to protect, promote, and grow your business.

Through biannual conferences and workshops, meetings, and forums, PPC’s calendar boasts a dynamic slate of events designed to help you take networking to the next level as you gain insight and analysis from thought leaders and fellow industry professionals. Whether in person or online, PPC’s member events let you access the tools and resources that you need to improve your business.

PPC’s data offerings provide you unparalleled and up-to-date industry benchmarks, analysis, forecasts, and trends. These programs are some of PPC’s most value-added benefits.

Promotion is another integral part of PPC’s mission. As a member, you will receive the leveraged publicity of national programs and news while also accessing individualized public relations assistance through PPC.

As sustainability has moved from the fringes to the center of our industry, PPC has responded by giving members information, resources, and even a recyclable logo, to help you navigate the changing sustainable bottom line. PPC’s ongoing initiatives in this area respond to new issues and opportunities as they arise.

Through ongoing partnerships with industry organizations, PPC extends your reach and represents your interests on local, national, and international levels. In addition, PPC’s boards and committees help members take an active role in shaping the association governance and management.

PPC’s staff combines their individual expertise in the folding carton industry, management, service coordination, industry information and research, marketing and communications, and administration to create and surpass benchmarks of excellence.

As a member of PPC, you join a more than 80-year tradition of innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, and success. Yet for all our resources, programs, publications, opportunities, and offerings, the most important and vital part of PPC is you, our member. You impact the direction and success of PPC, and by extension our shared industry… true power in association.

Watch a video describing the many benefits of membership in PPC.

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Membership Categories

Principal Members:
A Principal Member is any person, firm, partnership, or corporation actively engaged in the U.S. or its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada, that is in the manufacture and sale of paperboard packaging

Associate Members: An Associate is any person, firm, partnership, or corporation actively and regularly engaged in the manufacture and/or distribution of equipment, materials, or accessories used in the manufacture of paperboard packaging. Associate members may attend Council meetings and other sessions open to Principal members except those meetings restricted by the Board of Directors, the Chairman, and/or the Executive Committee. No company shall be eligible to become an Associate member if it or any parent, subsidiary, or affiliated corporation is qualified to become a Principal member.

For more info or to request a membership form, email Kate Smith - Principal Membership or Lou Kornet - Associate Membership.

"What I value the most about PPC membership is its members. They are the leaders, the ones making a difference in our industry, and are always challenging us to be better. Most importantly, they have become friends."
--Marc Anderson, President
Walter G. Anderson, Inc.

12 Reasons to Join PPC

  1. Enhance your reputation amongst key customers and peers by joining the premier folding carton and rigid box industry association.

  2. Drive your bottom line with members-only benchmarking metrics in the key areas of operations, safety, finance, and compensation.

  3. Keep up-to-date with industry best practices through PPC workshops and forums.

  4. Build valuable relationships with your peers and gain insight from industry professionals at PPC’s conferences and workshops.

  5. Guide your company with confidence with the knowledge gained from exclusive access to industry forecasts, market analysis, and end-use trends.

  6. Help shape the future of the association by participating in one of PPC’s many committees.

  7. Receive regular updates on pending legislation that may impact your bottom line.

  8. Educate the younger generation and the public about the sustainability, renewability, and recyclability of paper and paperboard, by participating in programs such as Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees (TICCIT).

  9. Gain insight on how to run a smarter, more profitable business with members-only access to training materials.

  10. Keep up-to-date on industry briefs, sustainability news, and consumer trends through PPC’s active social media outlets, website, and weekly newsletter.

  11. Broaden your staff’s knowledge in finance, operations, structural design, and human resources, through targeted seminars, webinars, and forums.

  12. Earn industry-wide recognition and endorsement by participating in PPC’s acclaimed annual paperboard packaging competition.

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