CC call for entries 2018

2018 Entry Guidelines

Entries are rated on how well they meet the criteria outlined on the entry form. The more complete the write-up for each entry, the better the judges will understand your package's development objectives and impact. Thoroughly answering the entry form questions is vital to receiving the best possible score!

To be eligible to enter the competition, each entry must be submitted by a PPC member and converted in their facility. Unless it is a self-promotional piece, each entry must have been produced and sold by a PPC member for the first time between January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

The packages must be designed to distribute, market, and protect a product and must consist of at least 50% paperboard that is visible to the end user. (Laminated grades made with E-flute, F-flute, and other micro-flute corrugated qualify as well as molded fiber.) In addition, each entry must not have been submitted into a previous NAPPC competition unless as a self-promotion, pre-commercialization.

Judges consider all designs the original work of the entrant—and all descriptions and explanations provided—as true, accurate, and complete. Since the judges do not rely on external verification to assess the originality of any design or the truth, accuracy, or completeness of any entry, by submitting an entry into the competition, each company warrants that each entry represents the member's original design; that all information, descriptions, and explanations provided are true and accurate; and that none of the design, information, descriptions, explanations, or any other material provided with the entry violates or infringes upon the intellectual property rights (including any patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secrets), of any other person or entity.

Photos that give the judges a better understanding of the package's function or shelf presence are encouraged, as are those that show the previous design if the entry is a redesign. Photos are for the judges' information only and will NOT be included in the public write-up shown at the awards ceremony.

PPC reserves the right to photograph all entries and use photos and entry package submissions as seen fit, including for publicity and exposition displays. Judges and PPC reserve the right to reclassify entries as necessary.

Entries will only be returned by written request from applicant along with a pre-paid return shipping label. 

The identity of participating converters is intended to remain anonymous to the judges, so we request that you cover your logo wherever possible and omit your company name in the write-up. However, we do encourage you to specify the brand of paperboard used, even if it was produced by your own company. Note that self-promotional pieces can include your logo and any other identifiers.

To submit an entr(ies), fill out and email the entry form. Complete all required fields and email it to Kate Smith.

After submitting your entry form(s), mail your cartons to PPC headquarters:
1350 Main St., Suite 1508
Springfield, MA 01103

Deadlines and Fees
June 1    Entry deadline. $249/carton.
Aug. 1    Award plaque pre-order.
             First gold or excellence plaque ordered FREE--$279 value!
Oct. 25   Winners announced at the Fall Meeting awards banquet

For more info, email Nicole Miller or call 413.686.9193.

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