Stay Cool With These Beverage Designs


Summer is coming to a close, but there’s still time to grab a drink and sit by the pool. Stay cool with these fantastic beverage carton designs—all of which earned top awards during our annual Carton Competitions. Cheers! 


Brasseurs du Nord 6-Pack Carrier 

PaperWorks Industries
2015 Judges Award 

Today microbrewers are favoring aluminum cans over glass bottles, but traditional paperboard beer carriers are unable to stack if they house cans. A creative and elegant solution, this craft beer carrier features a retractable carrying handle that, when lowered to can-level, allows for easy stacking during transport as well as easy product access after purchase. When erect, the handle provides convenient and comfortable takeaway from shelf. 



Inniskillin 40th Anniversary Icewine

Hub Folding Box Company
2017 Rigid Box of the Year

What better way to stay cool this summer than with icewine? Positioned to compete in the duty-free luxury category where opulent products sell for thousands of dollars, the Inniskillin 40th Anniversary icewine required high-end packaging to echo the unmatched luxury of the product inside. This sumptuous rigid box fits the bill, engaging consumers with a faceted lid, custom latex-infused paper wrap, and a unique hinge that lifts the product as the box is opened.







Yuengling Tite-Pak® 12-Count

Graphic Packaging International
2013 Eco Award 

Is that a shark in the water!? This package has partitions in the shape of shark fins that are pushed up from the base between the heels of the bottles to reduce breakage and lessen the noise they make during transit. The proprietary Tite-Pak® design integrated into existing brewery equipment with no stops or interruptions and without diminishing line speed. Since the system utilized existing material from the package’s bottom panel, there were no additional material costs. 




Casamigos Tequila Boxes

JohnsByrne Co.
2016 Judges’ Award 

These high-end tequila packages pull out all the stops to allure consumers. Converted on a one-of-a-kind press with three coating units, eight print units, and four drying units, they have silver pre-foil stamping, ultra violet gloss coating, seven colors (three of which are custom pantone), soft-touch matte coating, and satin varnish. Post-press, the carton was embossed with the Casamigos logo, and a vertical wood grain deboss was applied throughout. With visual interest and great tactile qualities, these cartons show that, when it comes to converting, sometimes less is not more!




Project Ironman

2017 Eco Award

As craft beers continue to take market share from classic brands like Budweiser and Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch was looking to recoup consumers with standout packaging. In tackling this challenge, WestRock introduced two new formats: BasketWrap®, a basket-style carton that enables consumers to see the reclosable aluminum beer bottles inside (which are obscured in traditional battery boxes), and Cluster-Side™ Hero, which features a side-to-top opening as well as a “hero” window that reveals the primary packaging.



Thirsty yet? The fridge awaits! And don’t forget to check back later this fall when we reveal the winners of the 2018 Carton Competition!

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