5 Ways Video Can Help You Get More Business


By Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend 

Thanks to a study by the Paper and Packaging Board, we know that seven out of 10 Americans say that package design often sways purchasing decisions. But did you know that eight in 10 consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video?

Even B2B companies can benefit from upping their video game—and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I’m Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, and as a preview for my session on Powered Productivity at the Fall Meeting, I’ve assembled these quick and budget-friendly video tools to enhance your website, email communications and more.

1. Make a Movie in an Instant: Animoto

Animoto is one of those tools that make paperboard clients go “WOW” and look at you in wonder. The premise is incredibly simple: gather 10 or more pictures and/or videos, throw in a title, choose a theme and soundtrack, and then push a button. Presto! Animoto instantly creates a perfectly timed, perfectly professional, perfectly awesome video to showcase your prior carton designs or other capabilities. 


2. Combine Video Clips into a Smart Highlight Reel: Magisto

Magisto is almost as easy as Animoto, but it’s twice as smart. Just upload video clips and images, such as clips of your production and design processes, and choose a theme. Magisto uses artificial intelligence to analyze the content, finding the best clips and highlights automatically. Within five minutes, you’ll have a share-worthy montage of your clips and pictures. 


3. Make an Explainer Video: Powtoon

Explainer videos can help you, well, explain your products to leads and customers. Powtoon is a do-it-yourself site that lets you use a template to create the perfect explainer video. You can choose from different themes, looks, and messages to get started, then personalize it with your own words, logos, product images/video, and more.


4. Share News with a Social Video: Lumen5 and Automagical

Most videos are viewed at work where people are hesitant to turn on the audio. Don’t mute your message. Create a video with key words and phrases that appear over your footage instead! You can use sites like Lumen5 and Automagical.ai to transform articles and press releases into dynamic captioned videos. 


5. Talk Directly to Contacts with Video Email: Loom

Make your email stand out in an inbox with a personalized video. Loom makes it easy to create a quick video that you can send with a click. You can even create an instant thumbnail to give the recipients a preview of your message. 


Good luck using video to land your next big sale. Want even more technology tools and tips? Don’t miss my presentation during Fall Meeting


Beth Ziesenis is Your Nerdy Best Friend. She is the author of several books on technology including “The Big Book of Apps.” A return speaker for PPC, Beth travels the country talking to organizations about free and bargain technology.

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