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Spring Outlook: Millennial Moms and Economic Growth


It’s springtime. Flowers are in bloom and folks are cleaning out their homes. But spring cleaning can happen in your job or business too. Now is a great time to look inward and assess the areas you can improve, the things you can eliminate, and what you need to do to succeed. PPC members did just that at our recent Spring Meeting in Charlotte, NC. If you weren’t able to make it, fear not! Here are a few of the key ideas we considered.

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A Formula for the Future


It is true that the future starts now. No matter how daunting your end goals may seem, there are always steps you can take today in order to prepare for and even shape tomorrow. This sentiment rang loud and clear at PPC’s recent Spring Meeting in Miami. After hearing from a futurologist, a generational expert, and an economist, PPC members left the conference with a formula for succeeding in the days ahead.

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