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How to Craft Your Sustainability Story


The paper and packaging industry has an incredible story of sustainability to tell. Manufacturers are creating products that are inherently renewable and recyclable, which means they provide value today while securing the future for generations to come.

Is your organization sharing the industry’s positive story to help achieve its objectives? If not, think of all the opportunities to do so: on sales calls, social media, your website, through press releases sent to the media—just to name a few. Our industry’s sustainability successes can help you get and keep new business, as well as boost your reputation among key stakeholders.

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Update: The Status of Digital Printing for Folding Cartons


For years, the prospect of digitally printed folding cartons has kept the print and packaging industries abuzz. Digital printing in the carton space has surely begun to transition from a lofty ideal into a more grounded reality. But how far, really, are we until digital printing becomes a mainstay in carton converting?

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The Era of Smart Converting


Today’s technologies are quickly transforming many facets of our lives: drones deliver our online purchases, we can live-stream our thoughts on social media, and our cars are driving us around. Folding cartons have not been left untouched by all of this technological advancement. Today’s converting technologies allow for greater quality control, efficiency, and overall operations optimization than ever before. We truly have entered a new era of “smart converting”.

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What We Learned at Fall Meeting


Here at PPC, we believe that paperboard packaging executives can drive growth and innovation by learning from experts and thought-leaders from both inside and outside the industry—and that’s why education is such a big part of our membership offering! At our recent Fall Conference in San Antonio, members learned how history can reveal effective leadership, how to harness their own “inner nerd” to boost productivity, and how executives from companies such as Graphic Packaging International and HP approach leadership and change within the industry.

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News Reports on Pizza Box Safety are Misleading to the Public


By Stewart Holm, Chief Scientist, the American Forest and Paper Association.

Recent news reports on the health and safety of pizza boxes have failed the public, creating undue worry and giving a bad rap to products that help safely deliver the food we eat.

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