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How to Craft Your Sustainability Story


The paper and packaging industry has an incredible story of sustainability to tell. Manufacturers are creating products that are inherently renewable and recyclable, which means they provide value today while securing the future for generations to come.

Is your organization sharing the industry’s positive story to help achieve its objectives? If not, think of all the opportunities to do so: on sales calls, social media, your website, through press releases sent to the media—just to name a few. Our industry’s sustainability successes can help you get and keep new business, as well as boost your reputation among key stakeholders.

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Despite High Collection Rates, Single-Stream Recycling Degrades Paper Quality


Over the last two decades, single-stream recycling programs have steadily increased in popularity throughout the United States. It’s no surprise, as single stream recycling is incredibly convenient: residents simply put all of their recyclables—paper, glass, aluminum, tin, and plastic—into a single receptacle to be picked up at the curb by their municipality and recycled at a local MRF...

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