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The Power of Digital Printing—Overnight


PPC’s recent “People, Paperboard, and Productivity” workshop convened more than 60 technical, financial, and HR professionals from our industry to learn and grow. One part of the event was extra special—and it highlighted the exciting possibilities of digital printing.

digital printing
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Is Hybrid Printing the Path to the Future?


We’ve all heard the big prediction: one day all printing will be digital, and analog will be a thing of the past. Digital technologies sure have been changing the printing market for many years. Yet here we are today, with both digital andanalog processes “in play.” Taking the two processes beyond a mere coexistence, some manufacturers are combing them to glean the best of both worlds. 

analog printing
digital printing
hybrid printing

Prepress Considerations for Digital Printing


PPC recently sat down with Susie Stitzel, Solution Manager at Esko and frequent Boot Camp instructor, to get her take on prepress considerations for digital printing. Read the interview to learn what every converter should keep in mind. 

digital printing
package design
technical converting

Update: The Status of Digital Printing for Folding Cartons


For years, the prospect of digitally printed folding cartons has kept the print and packaging industries abuzz. Digital printing in the carton space has surely begun to transition from a lofty ideal into a more grounded reality. But how far, really, are we until digital printing becomes a mainstay in carton converting?

digital printing
folding carton
paperboard packaging
short run
short-run solutions for paperboard packaging

Folding Cartons for Start-Ups and Innovators


Imagine this: you have a great idea for a new widget. It will revolutionize the whole world of widgets! You drain your savings, beg your parents for just one more loan (you promise you’ll pay them back, with dividends!), and you manufacture a small batch. Now, what about packaging? Just a few years ago...

digital printing
short-run solutions for paperboard packaging
small business
start ups
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