Is Hybrid Printing the Path to the Future?


We’ve all heard the big prediction: one day all printing will be digital, and analog will be a thing of the past. Digital technologies sure have been changing the printing market for many years. Yet here we are today, with both digital andanalog processes “in play.” Taking the two processes beyond a mere coexistence, some manufacturers are combing them to glean the best of both worlds. 

analog printing
digital printing
hybrid printing

Get Ready for the 2019 Student Design Challenge



PPC teams up with the American Forest and Paper Association each year to put on the Paperboard Packaging Alliance's Student Design Challenge. This competition allows students from leading packaging programs to tackle real-world design problems and show off their skills—all through the canvas of renewable, recyclable paperboard.


paperboard packaging
student design challenge

Roundup: 2019 Paper and Packaging Industry Events


The paper and packaging industry hosts many conferences each year, and attending is a great way to keep up on the latest trends while making connections and growing your network. Here is a roundup of just a few you may want to attend!

How the First Valentine’s Day Heart Box was Made


When you’re shopping for your sweetheart in the coming days, you’ll be sure to see the bright red, heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates and other goodies on the store shelf. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without them, right? Coming from the paperboard packaging industry, these heart boxes are certainly near and dear to our hearts. But how exactly did they come about?

paperboard packaging
rigid box

4 Types of Paperboard and How to Use Them


Our industry lives and breathes paperboard. The thick paper substrate can be transformed into any number of designs, from simple tuck cartons to intricate, sculpted packages that impart a sense of luxury and wonder. With all that versatility, it’s not surprising that there are many types—or grades—of paperboard to choose from, each with different prosperities, strengths, and weaknesses.  

folding carton
paperboard packaging
rigid box
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